The Bonsai

Wild_Animal_Park0110I’ve always loved Bonsai trees, but haven’t thought much about them in years.  Last week I decided to go and explore the San Diego Safari Park before my season passes were expired.  My kids were burnt out on the whole zoo thing, so I went by myself (happily by the way).  And because I didn’t have the responsibility of making sure the kiddos weren’t bored, hungry or needing the potty, I was able to really explore.  I saw parts of the park that day that I never knew existed.  My first stop…even before the animals, was the Friendship Garden.  Currently it’s the home of the Shohin Bonsai exhibit put on by the San Diego Bonsai Club.  It is Absolutely Beautiful!!!

The Entrance to the Garden


The Trees Inside

Interesting Bonsai Facts

  • The first recorded Bonsai type plantings date back nearly 2000 years ago in China.  These Chinese plantings were called Penjing
  • The Japanese Bonsai is more like the trees you see in today’s popular style with artistic pruning whereas the older Chinese style is a more natural representation of the full sized tree
  • The translation of the Japanese word Bonsai is “planting in tray” & Penjing is translated as “tray scenery”
  • The trees remain small because of purposeful dwarfing by using defoliation, pruning and root reduction techniques
My New Project

So because I fell in love with the Bonsai garden, I decided to start my own.  I decided to go with a non-traditional species.  This is a Martin’s Tea Tree and it’s normal size would be 9-10′ tall  and equally as wide.  It has small foliage and flowers so I think it will work well in a smaller version.  Anyway, I wired it up and started the branch bending process.  And once she has time to rest, I will trim her roots and plant her in her new tray.  Hopefully she’ll survive!  I’m new at this so I may have to try again.  We will see.


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