San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station


While driving up the coast, my little guy noticed these great big domes that decorate the beach just South of San Clemente and asked what they were for.  We were on a lengthy road trip so we had plenty of time to discuss San Onofre.  He’s 10 years old and has learned all about Nuclear Bombs dropped on Japan from history lessons, so he was rather confused when I told him that this is a “nuclear” power plant.

The questions started…”Is that place still open?”, “Are we making bombs to blow up other countries?”, “Can that place blow us up?”, “Is the bomb stuff hurting the fish in the water?”.  The questions just kept pouring out.  It was quite amusing to hear how this little guy’s brain works.  The problem was that I knew very little about the place other than it was a nuclear power plant and it was used to make nuclear energy.  But I guess that’s okay because I had him use my phone to do some of research of his own (learning moment).

So my little guy told me that the plant was still open and he was also able to get a clearer understanding of how San Onofre is used for generating power instead of making bombs. He was almost right in his research, but I later found out that the plant hasn’t been in use since 2013 due to some safety issues with one of the stem generators.  It is currently being decommissioned.  I’m so glad that I decided to  stop and  get a couple of photos for my boy as I was driving by again last week.

Nuclear power creeps me out, so I’m not sad this place is closed, but I will miss the crazy domes that I grew up seeing.  As a kid I called this place Boobie Beach…no explanation needed!

So before it’s torn apart, drive by and snap a few photos.  I’m happy that I did! Boobie Beach will never be forgotten!


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