The Goat & Vine

Oh Wowwie Wow Wow!  This place is fantastic!  Great food with amazing atmosphere!!!


So we decided to go out in search of a new fun place in Old Town Temecula.  There are so many great places, but we’ve been to most of them.  This little corner restaurant has been a few great establishments, and this new tenant didn’t disappoint!

It was late on a week night, but even still, this place was hoppin’!  We took the only available table and it was almost closing time.  So it had to be good being so crowded so late on a school night.

We were open for whatever they threw our way.  The service was amazing, the fresh sourdough bread was to die for and the food was delish!!!   The place had a great community atmosphere and the waiter gave us so much of the story behind the scenes.  I’d tell you more, but I’ll let you find out all of the fun & yummy details for yourself.

They’re in Old Town Temecula, CA

Go give it a visit soon…Yummmy!!!

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