The Yellow Deli

What a neat little restaurant that we visited in Vista, CA. called The Yellow Deli.  It is such a neat place with beautiful architecture, yummy food and super friendly people!20160118_162529This is definitely a place that I want to go back to with my big girl camera and permission to take pictures of all of it’s charm!  The Yellow Deli is absolutely gorgeous, the sandwich that I had was unbelievable and the people were beyond fantastic!!!

Ok, so let me tell you about our first visit.  It was a bit odd when we first walked up.  There was nobody to greet us at the greeter’s desk, but soon a man with long hair pulled back in a loose, unkempt bun and a long bushy beard arrived.  It seemed like a long time before he even looked up at us or said hello.  He was busy finding seats for other guests on the property, somewhere unknown to us.  But when he did finally greet us, all of the uneasiness that I felt, seamed to disappear.  What a warm person he ended up to be.  I would say he was slightly different, but in a pleasant way, a way that you’d hope to encounter more often.  In fact all of the people that worked at this restaurant were unusually gentle and kind (and they also all had the same long hair pulled back in messy buns & long bushy beards).  The feel there is very laid back, no rushing around like most establishments.  I immediately felt as if this is where I could come to totally kick back, relax for hours and just enjoy the simple things in life!


We were seated right inside the front door in a very cozy little nook near a window.  From there we were able to enjoy all of the beautifully crafted woodwork.  Honestly, I don’t think that there is a bad table in the entire place.  Outside was just as inviting as inside and upstairs was magnificent as well.  There was so much to take in, that I’m sure I missed a lot.  We didn’t even have time to enjoy the Mate’ Lounge that was up stairs.

Anyway, because I had my two extremely picky kids along with me, I worried that they wouldn’t find anything they’d enjoy.  I was wrong!  Yes, they complained at first because this wasn’t the typical American fast food type place, but they were delighted with their meals and strawberry smoothies made with fresh fruit and sweetened with local honey once it came to the table.  The Yellow Deli has an amazing menu including sandwiches (hot & cold), soups, salads, desserts and it all was fresh and exciting.  I ended up with the most delicious hot turkey sandwich, but had a hard time deciding between the many choices.  I know that I will need to return for breakfast too.  Yummy!

There is so many interesting things to know about this place, these people and how they live.  I hope you will visit and learn about The Yellow Deli’s history and the story behind the people that work there.   They are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, but don’t show up on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday morning.  That’s when they spend time with their families.  The doors are open at noon on Sundays and stay open through Fridays at 3pm.  You’ll want to make this a spot to stop and just enjoy.  Make sure to plan extra time to just relax.  It’s great for that!

20160118_162659Here is the stairs outside on the way up to the Mate’ Lounge.  You can also get there by taking the super neat spiral staircase that is inside the restaurant. The main thing I want to share is that the beautiful spaces stretch in every direction.

Oh I almost forgot to mention my favorite part of this place…the dumbwaiter.  It was so cool to see it in use, hauling food and drinks up and down for the waiters that delivered the food to the tables.  I think it’s old style construction is why I loved it so much.  The gears are exposed and the wood design goes with the rest of the atmosphere.  This was a totally cool touch in my opinion.

And here’s my food…delicious!  The phone picture doesn’t do it justice! But I promise, it was so GOOD!

20160118_155443So take a trip over there.  You won’t be disappointed! I will be going back!!!

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